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ALFAVIT – extent of accomplishments in vitamin science

The most vitamin-mineral complexes differ from each other only in content and dosage of nutrients. ALFAVIT is different in essence. Scientific data on full assimilation of vitamins and minerals are taking into account in ALFAVIT. The content of ALFAVIT is constantly changed, based on the latest discoveries in medicine and pharmacology. You can take an opinion of any highly qualified independent expert. He will confirm that only ALFAVIT provides optimal conditions for assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

If you are interested in concrete facts, used in the development of ALFAVIT, see the section “Scientific recommendations on combined and separate intake of nutrients” on our web-site.

Today ALFAVIT is:

    is an essentially new approach in the vitamin prophylaxis:
  • the unique complex in the world that meet the requirements of specialists;
  • a possibility to increase benefit of vitamins intake up to 30-50 %;
  • hypoallergenic (low risk of allergic reactions).
    successfully time tested:
  • 10 years of clinical trials;
  • 5 million of Russians take it regularly;
  • the repeated leader of the survey Trusted Brand;
  • is honored with numerous awards, including “Brand #1 in Russia”, “Health Idea”.

In the ALFAVIT series different complexes are produced that take into account various aims of the vitamin prophylaxis. You can choose the one that is exactly for you.

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